First lamb of 2012

As I looked out my bedroom window this morning into the drizzle and misty fields, I spotted a new addition! One of my mother’s ewes lambed this morning. The little one was already up and about, but I was the first to spot her. Earlier this week, we gave all nine ewes their annual booster shots, and it was clear that the two ewes from Lasqueti were very close to lambing. The shots were “fun” as always: my ewe, Lucy, kicked me in the face. Not fun!

Here are some shots of the ewe (Princess) and her new lamb, taken this afternoon about six hours after birth. The ewe is from our family’s flock on Lasqueti Island. The ram was a Texel-Friesian cross (more about him later). This is Princess’ second lamb, and while we we’re always hoping for twins, it is satisfying just to have a healthy little one bouncing about.

(Note: Click on the photos to scroll through them faster).