A Tree By-Law for the RDN!?

I haven’t had time to blog lately, let alone read much of the local papers, which tend to provide a great deal of fodder for me to comment on, but today when I opened up the Oceanside Star to see what Stewart Burnett had written about my chicken, I spotted an article next to it that has got my hackles up, so to speak.

Apparently, Jan Townend of San Pariel (part of Area G, next to Rathtrevor Provincial Park) has started collecting signatures to petition the RDN to create a tree removal by-law.

I really hope that Ms. Townend is petitioning for a by-law in Area G rather than all of the RDN’s unincorporated rural areas. It is completely contrary to the values of residents in Area F. Area G is such an odd string of communities, that I can’t see a great deal of consensus being reached for a by-law such as this. Perhaps it is time for San Pariel to consider merging into the City of Parksville so that they can enjoy all of the securities by-laws offer while leaving the rest of the country folk to enjoy their freedom from regulation and government interference.